About Us


Reddy Customs is best in class automobile personalization designing and custom remodelling company. With our highly experienced and specialized team of experts who have over two decades of experience, we provide superior design, backed with cutting-edge technology and innovation

Our goal is to provide bespoke automotive designs especially to suit specific design requirements, highly customized to suit your style and comfort.


After working in the industry for over two decades, we saw a lot a big gap between the supply and demand for customized automobiles . We pride our expertise to fulfill the demand and give users an experience of master pieces which they will treasures for years to come.


  • Superior custom designs, built by dedicated and specialized team of auto-artisans.
  • High-end technology to build classy yet futuristic models.
  • Premium upholstery for a uber comfortable lounge experience.
  • Design integrated, stylish and sophisticated mood lighting.
  • Supreme paint jobs to add panache to your ride.
  • Top of the line entertainment systems, to keep you engaged.
  • Electronic and electric features controlled via handheld devices.
  • Ultra luxury from looks to comfort and much more.


Srinivas Reddy is the founder and director of Reddy Customs and has over 20 years of customization and R&D experience in the automotive industry. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has experience and knowledge of all areas pertaining to customizing/ building a vehicle.

After having worked in the industry for a long time, Srinivas set out to pursue his dream to start an automobile personalisation company, that would build unique vehicles based on the personal choice of his customers.

With his creative and versatile leadership experience, Reddy Customs has become the fastest growing company in the automobile customisation industry in India.


  • We are inline with our customers needs.
  • Updated with latest market trends.
  • Attention to details
  • High Quality products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick turn around time
  • Best in industry, after sales support


  • Every time I buy something big in my life… there is only one thought in my mind … “ People have showered soo much love…it’s the power of their love that I am being able to buy all this “ Gratitude forever . Thank you all ❤️. It’s my Vanity Van . I named it “FALCON” . Thank you Reddy Customs for making this beauty.- Allu arjun
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